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UX Designer | Conversion Rate Expert | Growth Marketer
Founder: LetsGrowBusiness | The Niche Mind
Team CoinDCX

Helped over 45 businesses in creating delightful user experiences and effective UI designs for their Apps and Websites. We at LetsGrowBusiness help businesses like yours, increase your conversions, engagements and revenue by designing Apps, Websites and Landing Pages that are backed by user research, behavioural data and expert heuristics.
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After designing products for past 5 years with businesses in almost all sectors we realised that design that is practiced in product design teams of most startups are driven by assumptions and opinions of Highest-Paids.
Determined to find a better solution, we created a design framework that is used by million dollar businesses to design products that kill the competition. 
Instead of old, boring, theoretical design frameworks, we have designed a practical and easy design framework that you can use in design team of any size (even 1. Freelancers are superheroes too). I will be sharing all these secrets and behind-the-scenes of creating successful products at 
Our team at THE NICHE MIND is also working on bringing world-class UX Design tools to India. We want to encourage our designers to create disruptive digital products with effective design tools to aid with the mission. Will update on that soon. Till then follow @TheNicheMind on Instagram. 

I speak frequently on Effective UX Design for Startups, Design Process for Enterprise, Growth Marketing for Small to Medium Businesses, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Using Data for UX Research and Higher Conversions. 

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Bhavishya Garg
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