Match-making made spam free and personalised. 
Walkover Inc. team came to us with an idea of Matrimonial application. Problem statement was the spam that people get when they upload a profile in Matrimonial website. In India, marriage is a billion dollar industry. 
With everyone having very specific things that they look for in a partner, task was to make this whole process as easy a possible. 

To help people find their right partner for life. 

01: Kicking off
With an initial project brief and future goals, we were given a rough flow of the screens. Being a technology service company, walkover itself had in-house designers and project managers who came up with this flow. 

We were given just 5 days to create this whole application which didn’t allow us to do a lot of research. Hence we stuck to Heuristic Analysis, Expert Reviews and Competitive Analysis. 
We came up with ideas in this stage and started putting them on docs.  

After finalising on requirements and idea we went on to priortise the wishlist items and created few mid-fidelity mockups to test out the designs with users and other stakeholders. 
After a few rounds of feedback and understanding user expectations, we finalised on a few screens. 

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