Track your child's growth and development easily and get valuable insights

We started working with MyChildApp in 2015 when MyChild was new to the limelight. People were talking about the 19-year-old kid who created this app and how he was set out to change the world. 
This is when Harsh (the aforementioned teen-genius) connected with Bhavishya to work on User Experience and Interface of the mobile application. We got onboard immediately.

To provide timely information to parents and help them detect and control the disorder in their child as early as possible.

01: Kicking off
Kick off was simple. It started with the long-term goal of the business and how it was meant to help spread awareness in parents. The app takes in a child's name, gender, height and weight, and makes parents answer a questionnaire, which takes about 45 seconds. 
The app was meant to give red flags to parents on time or assure them if everything was fine. Below is how app looked back then: 
From competitive analysis to one on one parents interviews. We analysed the app from technical and usability aspects. It was a very delicate issue for the app to convey right message to parents about their kids. 
We wanted to make things as clean and easy as possible. Initially it was just the questionnaire (displayed above), but then with the research we found that it would even be beneficial to include other helpful information for retention purposes. 
Also to acquire users at an early stage we also suggested a pregnancy related section for mothers who can be aware about things she needed to keep in mind for making sure her child is safe and healthy. 

MyChildApp was a small 4 person team back then. Small but very talented. We did multiple sketching sprees on Skype with team to solve the problem at hand. 

Now the task was to create an attractive yet simple app that is easy to use and represents this whole massive application in a seamless manner. With a concept that no one in China was aware of, we had a herculean task in our hands to create such an application. 
We tried various color pallettes and design styles in this phase. Iterated more than 10 times to come up with a version that we all were content with.

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