Most awaited Fashion Crowdsourcing App in China
The platform has the ambitious goal of being able to monetise consumer trends by combining online video, user generated social media, and e-commerce into one integrated offer delivered to mobile. 
We focus on getting official broadcast platforms to upload content that already has an existing fan base - while at the same time vertically targeting social media influencers and third party merchants so that we can monetise beyond the official retail.
Initially it was just a raw idea. Rather the idea was not even exactly what it is right now. 
We understood the problem statement and flew down to Shanghai and then to Beijing to actually work with the team. We decided to leverage Product Adoption Curve to create trends for Fashion and other industries. 
We talked to various business owners, e-commerce professionals and other target users to understand their perspective about the problem and pivoted the idea till we could validate it to be a “desirable-product” for the users. 
Created a ton of user journey maps, goal documents and wishlists. To discuss ideas efficiently we even started sketching out screens right away in excitement. 
After finalising on requirements and idea we went on to priortise the wishlist items and created few mid-fidelity mockups to test out the designs with users and other stakeholders. 
After a few rounds of feedback and understanding user expectations, we finalised on a few screens. 
Now the task was to create an attractive yet simple app that is easy to use and represents this whole massive application in a seamless manner. 
With a concept that no one in China was aware of, we had a herculean task in our hands to create such an application. We tried various color pallettes and design styles in this phase. Iterated more than 10 times to come up with a version that we all were content with. 

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